Camera Installation

Dear Newton South Families,

At long last the second phase of our camera installation is nearing.  Over the next several weeks additional cameras will be installed throughout the hallways of our building.  Some of this installation may occur during school hours, in which case the work area will be designated by orange cones.  Work will also cease and equipment removed from the hall during our passing times so as to ensure a safe environment.

Currently, we have around 40 cameras, and have coverage of our parking lots and some of our first floor hallways.  This next phase will bring our total closer to 100 cameras, and will provide coverage for most of our hallways on all three floors.  To date, even our current partial coverage has enabled us deter vandalism, theft, and trespassing, as we can now identify who to talk to when unwelcome events occur.  We believe that these cameras help us ensure a safe atmosphere with a minimum of invasion of privacy (remember, school committee policy indicates cameras can only be viewed by administration when an incident has been reported).  The full school committee policy can be viewed here.

Thank you,
Joel Stembridge, Principal