May 7 is Deadline to Register for the June 1 SATs and SAT Subject Tests

SATs and SAT Subject Tests will be given on June 1, 2013 at Newton South and various other locations. Since the 1-hour Subject Tests focus on one subject, students often take them immediately upon completion of that class, i.e. sophomores taking chemistry can take the Chemistry SAT Subject Test this June 1, while juniors might take the Biology, English, World Language or Math test. Students interested in a fee waiver should speak with their guidance counselor. To register for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests, click here. A minority of colleges require SAT Subject Tests, however, they tend to be the most competitive (Ivy League, for example). See this link for more information, or check specific colleges’ websites. Some colleges that require the SAT with Subject Tests will accept the ACT with Writing as an alternative to the SAT plus Subject Tests. As well, there are many schools that do not require any standardized test scores.