What is SouthFest?

SouthFest is Newton South’s parent-run after prom party. Our primary mission is to provide a fun and safe environment for seniors and their dates to continue having fun after the prom. SouthFest is a popular alternative to unsupervised house parties, helping to keep our children off the streets and out of harm’s way. Admission is free. We screen bags and purses on the way into the event and have police and school drug safety officers on duty throughout the celebration. To further ensure safety, we even provide free taxis to anywhere in Newton!

SouthFest runs immediately after the prom from midnight to 4:00AM. We provide a casino, events, entertainment, food, music, dancing, and much more. If you are new to the Newton South community you may not realize the enormous scale of SouthFest. We completely decorate a large part of the school, transforming it to reflect the top-secret theme of the event, which is different every year. (You can see photos here.) Parent volunteers decorate and staff the event. Though senior parents do not work during SouthFest, they are vital in the creation of the decorations and setup/breakdown of the event.

We need your help at all levels to continue this tradition of safety! There are many ways to help us create this spectacle, from volunteering to create decorations, setting up at the school the day of the event, donating food, staffing the event and more.

Why Should Senior Parents Care?
SouthFest provides a supervised and structured environment for seniors and their dates to continue the fun after the prom. This helps reduce concern about post-prom parties and late-night impaired driving. Students can change from their prom attire at the school and store their clothes and backpacks safely there. Once they check in, students are not allowed to exit without formally checking out and leaving the event for the night.

Why Should Non-Senior Parents Care?
It might seem that SouthFest should only concern seniors and their parents. That is not the case. Before you know it, you will be the parent of a senior. It has become a great tradition for non-senior parents to pay it forward so that senior parents can sleep a bit easier on prom night. In order to encourage seniors to attend, the event is staffed and run only by non-senior parents.

Donation — SouthFest is funded entirely from donations. We have two ways you can support the cause financially:
* PayPal – Click here and directly send money
* Checks – Make checks payable to Newton South PTSO and note “SouthFest” on the memo line. Send to: SouthFest, Newton South High School, 140 Brandeis Rd, Newton, MA 02459.

Where can I go to get more information or volunteer to help?
Click here for the main website with pictures of past SouthFests, volunteer forms and additional details. And click here for a single page flyer with condensed details and a printable form for volunteering or sending in a donation.