Summer Make-up Exam Information

We understand that the late(r) ending of school has created scheduling conflicts for many students’ summer activities. It is the policy at Newton South to not allow students to take exams before the regularly scheduled exam time. To accommodate those students who must miss exams, we have developed a make-up schedule. Please note that more than one exam can be taken in the same day.

Summer Make-up Exam Schedule
Tuesday, June 25 – 6PM
Tuesday, July 2 – 9AM
Tuesday, July 9 – 9AM
Wednesday, August 21 – 9AM
Monday, August 26 – 9AM

To schedule a make-up exam, students leaving early for summer activities who will be missing some exams must contact their Housemaster and provide a written request from a parent/guardian with the dates of and reason for the absences. Students also need inform Housemasters and/or Department Heads of the date they will make up exams. Students are also expected to inform their teacher(s) that they will be missing the exam.

Regardless of when exams are taken, I’d like to offer some advice:
o Develop a schedule to begin studying early and often to avoid “cramming” and keep to the schedule
o Organize notes before Review Week and do practice problems
o Ask for help if needed, including the use of J blocks
o Mimic a test-taking environment, particularly if testing makes a student anxious
o Review past tests and quizzes taken in the class
o Use a study group and come prepared with questions to keep the group on task (compare notes, quiz each other)

o Eat dinner and get enough sleep

o Eat breakfast and arrive early