Congratulations On Another Amazing SouthFest

Once again all of the volunteers created a night of wonderful, positive memories that will stay with the seniors for a very long time. As Principal Joel Stembridge noted in an email thank you to the many volunteers, “the students get it – they know that this means that people give enormous time and energy to give them a gift, and they will not soon forget it!” The PTSO and the entire South community would like to thank the SouthFest Committee:

  • Doug Wagoner, Co-chair, Volunteer Coordinator Chair and Communications Committee Chair (graduating senior)
  • Chuck Kaufman, Co-chair and Entertainment Committee Chair (graduating senior)
  • Patty McNamara, Decorating Committee Chair (graduating senior)
  • Mike Howell, Clean-Up Committee Chair (retiring)
  • Joan and Matt Hayes, Food Committee Co-Chairs (graduating senior)
  • Susan Davidson, Prize Committee Chair
  • Margie Kaufman, Treasurer

as well as the many parent volunteers for creating a safe space where all of our kids could go and have a blast and then get home safely. A special shout out to Chuck Kaufman and Doug Wagoner for the countless hours they have put into making this a reality!