Athlete Of The Week

With this issue of Athletics News, the Booster Club introduces its new feature: Athlete Of The Week. We will reach out to all coaches during the school year to highlight student athletes who not only prove their skills on the court or on the field but also those who exemplify the values of South and our community at large. This week we feature, senior Sophie MacArthur who has been a starter on the girl’s soccer team for three years. According to Coach Doug McCarthy:

“Sophie has always been a very unselfish player, and that’s carried forward to this season. For the last two years, Sophie has been a central mid-fielder on the team, and that was to be her role again this season. Due to circumstances related to injuries to teammates, she’s moved back to become a defender, first as a marking-back and most recently to the center-back position. Both of those roles require difficult adjustments and present different responsibilities, particularly center-back. This is due to the fact that she’s the last player back in our defense, and also she’s playing alongside three other girls who are newcomers to defending at the high school level. Sophie has been a very strong and stabilizing influence to those girls, and the entire team as well. As a team captain, Sophie leads by example, and by virtue of that, no one out works her in practice or games. She’s had a steadying influence for all those around her and she continues to lead the girls through what we hope will be a successful season.”