WISE Program Looking for Internships in the Medical/Health Field

The WISE (WISE Individualized Senior Experience) Program offers eligible seniors the opportunity to work outside the classroom during Term 4 on a substantive educational undertaking of their own choice. It is an exciting opportunity for students to work on an intensive project focusing on one of four areas: academic, creative, community service, and/or career exploration. WISE encourages students to develop their independence, confidence, and sense of responsibility as they take charge of their own learning. WISE also helps provide a bridge from high school to college, to work, or to a gap year.

Every year, many seniors request internships in the health field. Students are always interested in pursuing careers in nursing, medicine, or research. We are looking for new sponsors in these areas who would be willing to allow a high school student to shadow them for the months of April and May on a part-time basis (hours depending on your availability). If you are interested or would like more information, please contact either Tonya Londino or Marla Wiener, WISE coordinators at 617-559-6605.