Special Thank You to Many PTSO Volunteers

The PTSO has accomplished so much in 2013, thanks to all of our great parent volunteers. We can’t begin to thank all of you for the time and dedication you give to Newton South! Two groups in particular we’d like to highlight this week:

Shelah Feiss, Debbie Ruder, and Eric Ruder for coordinating and distributing holiday thank-yous to all of the administrative, nursing and custodial staff at NSHS this week. Thanks for letting them know how important they are to all the parents and students!

Bonnie Barber, Kasia Coulter, Nancy Gould, Gail Herman, Liz Hiser, Sharon Ungar Lane, Magdalena Luca, Maryanne Marks, Michelle Mischke, Mara Nislick, Jane Quinn, and Maryanne Weiss for the team effort organizing, collecting and wrapping (with student help), hundreds of customized gifts donated by NSHS students and staff (and their families) in 50 advisories and staff groups to benefit 50 children at the Bromley Heath Housing unit in Boston. Thank you so much everyone for making Christmas so special for all of these children!