From the High School Principals: Names of Course Levels

Dear Newton South and North Communities,

We are writing today to share the exciting news that both Newton North and Newton South are changing the names of our course levels. After conversations with both high school faculties, we are pleased to announce that Curriculum II will be renamed “College Prep” starting in the 2014-2015 school year, and that Curriculum I will become “Advanced College Prep.” “Honors” and “Advanced Placement” level titles will not change.

The impetus for this change stems from the fact that our Curriculum II classes represent the foundation of our college preparatory program, and that our other levels advance from this point. We believe strongly, as do our teachers, that students in our Curriculum II classes are held to high expectations and receive rigorous instruction in a way that best meets their educational needs. We’ve designed these classes to prepare students to do well after high school — and indeed our graduates return to tell us we’ve succeeded.

It is our belief that these name changes will only help our students as they pursue post-secondary options, as these new names both better reflect our level of expectations and are more in line with other high schools’ course names.

Best regards,

Joel Stembridge
Newton South
  Jennifer Price
Newton North