Thank You From PTSO

As you can imagine, this past week has been a difficult one at South for the students, teachers, and administrators alike. Principal Joel Stembridge suggested we provide a breakfast for the staff on Valentine’s Day, which we did and it was very much appreciated. Special thank you goes out to NSHS parent Donna Stein and Baker’s Best for knowing exactly what was needed; to Bonnie Barber, Gabryela Sinclair and Jack Sinclair, for getting up very early Friday to set up the breakfast, complete with valentine decorations; thanks to Abby Lass for her graphic design of the teacher valentine; and thanks to Indulge for their donations of chocolates for the teachers. We would also like to thank Ava Fantasia of Whole Foods, who donated sliced oranges and organic lollipops requested by the school staff. And to all of the parents who have done their own nice things for the teachers all week, know that your thoughtfulness has been noticed and greatly appreciated!