Course Recommendation Appeal Process

Students who disagree with their teacher’s recommendation should follow the steps below in order:

Step 1: Speak individually with their teacher to understand the reasons for the recommendation and to appeal the recommendation.

Step 2: If there is still disagreement, the student should meet with the appropriate Department Head (see the table below for names and email addresses). Specific departments may ask for the student to produce particular work samples.

Step 3: If there is still disagreement, the student may appeal to the principal.

Department Heads:

Department Department Head

Email (there is an underscore between first and last name)

English Mr. Baron
Family & Consumer Sciences/Business Ms. Gordon
Fine and Performing Arts Ms. Leary-Crist
Guidance Ms. Borg
History and Social Sciences Ms. Morrill
Mathematics Mr. Rattendi
Science/Technical Education Mr. Gagnon
World Languages Ms. Murphy Ferguson