Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Teens: Reducing Stress and Enhancing Resiliency – 4-Session Wellness Program Begins Apr. 10 at City Hall

As part of our Youth Stress grant, Newton Youth Services, in partnership with Newton Free Library, is pleased to offer a four-session wellness program for parents of adolescents developed by the world-renowned Benson-Henry Institute of Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. This program teaches self-care skills to help cope with stresses of everyday life and aims to leave parents with a renewed sense of control and well-being. You must register to participate and registration indicates that you are able to attend all four sessions. Please click here to register. This program is free to all Newton residents or parents of teens attending school in Newton and will be held in the War Memorial at Newton City Hall from 6-7:30PM on April 10, 17, May 6 & 13. 

Research shows that incorporating self-care strategies and healthy lifestyle behaviors can reduce medical symptoms and enhance quality of life.

During the four, 1.5 hour sessions, you will learn:

  • The physiology of stress and how it affects your body
  • Self-care strategies to reduce stress and increase your resilience
  • Relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness and imagery
  • Easy ways to reduce or stop stress-inducing thoughts
    Tips for modeling these skills for your teens and helping reduce their stress and build their resilience too

Taking care of ourselves is led by Rana Chudnofsky, MEd.. Ms. Chudnofsky has served as the Director of the Education Initiative at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (BHI) since 2006. Her areas of specialization include relaxation techniques and cognitive strategies for clinical treatment centers, schools and universities.