Senior Athlete Awards

At the Spring sports awards night the following senior awards were given:

Danny Mendelson Award:
The Danny Mendelson Award is given each year to celebrate the memory of a young man who was a Newton South athlete from 1966-1968. Danny died tragically on his last day of school junior year after he became a captain-elect of the football team, a letter-winner in wrestling and an all-star center fielder on the baseball team. His character was beyond reproach and he embodied everything we think about when we think of a Newton South Lion. The award is given to a senior boy and senior girl who possess not only outstanding athletic ability, but one who is a leader and a positive example to his/her peers, one who is respected by all, who places the team ahead of personal accolades and one who has made Newton South a better place.

This year’s recipients are: Ethan Meyer and Alekhya Chaparala

Betty Sabetti Award:
This award is given to a female senior athlete who possesses a high degree of skill over multiple sports, has shown outstanding leadership qualities and extends her influence beyond the playing arena to school and making South a better place to be.

This year’s recipient is: Amy Cohen

Leonard Adelman Award:
This award is given to the male senior athlete who possesses a high level of skill and utilizes a constant work ethic to achieve that high degree of success. Their enthusiasm and leadership allow them to enhance the lives of others and they persevere no matter the obstacles in their way.

This year’s recipient is: Jacob Alexander