Student Directory to be Distributed at Back-to-School Night

Every family that pays PTSO dues gets a Student Directory.  Directories will be distributed at Back to School night, this Thursday, starting at 6:15PM.

If you have not yet paid your PTSO dues, you may pay online until midnight on Wednesday.  It is too late to send a check because we will print directory labels on Thursday morning.

Or if you would like to pay your PTSO dues at Back to School night, you may use cash, check, or credit card. Please fill out this form and bring it with you. We will have forms at the school, as well.

If you will not attend Back to School night, please, please, please have a friend pick up your directory for you.  We can make other arrangements to get your directory to you, but please remember that Newton South has about 1500 families, so there will be a delay while we work that out.

Starting at 6:15PM on Thursday, directories will be available for pick up and payment in the hall by the Newton South front office. You may also come down during a free block in your kid’s schedule.

1. In the front lobby, check for your name on the list of parents who have paid.
2. If you have paid, please proceed to the Prepaid Pickup area, paying attention to the alphabet sections posted there.
3. If you think you paid but are not on the list, please proceed to the “I thought I paid!” and Solutions area.
4. If you have not paid, please proceed to the area labeled “Pay Here.”
5. Take your directory into the cafeteria, to enjoy chatting with friends, listening to music, and learning about student activities before the Back to School schedule begins at 7PM.

Note:  No family will be denied a directory due to financial hardship.