Deadline for Permission for Expanded Sophomore Campus Access: Jan. 9

Second-semester sophomores have the option of using different areas of the South campus during their directed study blocks (library, commons rooms, student center, courtyards), with parental and housemaster permission. This expanded access allows eligible sophomores to use other areas of the school or to work with available staff on a variety of projects. 

The criteria and guidelines for this opportunity are as follows:

  1. During their directed study blocks, approved sophomores must remain on school grounds.
  2. Sophomores still DO NOT have an open campus, and may not leave school grounds at any time during the school day unless officially dismissed from school.
  3. Students MAY NOT be present in other areas of the school (including corridors) unless under the direct supervision of a staff member.
  4. Housemasters must pre-approve student requests for this program, reserve the right to disallow any requests, and may revoke this privilege at any time. Approval is not based solely on a student’s academic record. A variety of information including student attendance and any prior disciplinary actions will be reviewed prior to granting release.

To Obtain This Privilege:

  • Review the guidelines above and obtain a parent/guardian signature and a daytime phone number on this permission form.
  • Take the signed form to your house office for an approval signature.
  • If necessary, housemasters may call to discuss this with parent/guardians.
  • Sophomore release will begin for all approved students on January 20, 2015.

Completed forms are due to the House Office no later than Friday, January 9, 2015. Late forms will be reviewed after February Break. Questions? See your housemaster for clarification.