Lions’ Pride

The unprecedented stretch of weather has certainly impacted the flow of our school year, and I am writing to announce several changes as a result.

First, the intent of the homework free weekends (the next of which was scheduled for next week) is to create a “stress break” in the middle of each term. Mother nature certainly created several of these stress breaks with three two-day “snowcations” over the past three weeks. In order to help develop momentum going into the remainder of third term and the rest of the year, I have lifted the homework free distinction for February break. This means that teachers might be assigning no more than one night of homework over the February break.

The exception to this is our Advanced Placement classes, where the test date is static and not subject to additional snow days made up at the end of the year. Students in AP classes might have a healthy amount of catch-up work to do over break.

Next, we are moving the end date for Term 3 one week, to April 7th. We are also moving registration one week; the registration day special schedule will now be March 18th.

Finally – and this is unrelated to weather – both South and North have decided that due to space and proctoring restrictions, we will only have the MCAS class testing in the building on the MCAS test dates. For example, on March 24, 25, 26, only sophomores will start the day at the regular time; all other grades will have a delayed start. In addition, we will host some Advanced Placement extended class sessions during these mornings. Specific schedules for late starts and AP class sessions will be announced the week following break.

Thank you for your patience and support, and I hope that those traveling for February break find safe journeys to destinations with warmth, sun, and fun!