The PTSO Needs Your Help Next Year!

In order to function effectively, the PTSO needs fresh and energetic volunteers to step forward each year. If you are interested in any of the positions below, please contact Emily Prenner and Betsy Blagdon at If you know someone who would be perfect, please also contact us immediately!

The co-Presidents meet regularly with the Principal, participate in the Guidance Advisory committee, sit on the Grants committee, attend School Council meetings, and recruit parents for hiring committees. Unlike elementary school PTO co-Presidents, this job is less about running events, and more about policy discussions. However, the co-Presidents do check in with the PTSO event coordinators and newsletter editors. Ideally, the incoming co-President will shadow the current co-Presidents for the rest of school year in order to understand what the job entails. Then next year they will serve with the co-President who is continuing – in this case Emily Prenner. Doing this job requires diplomacy, organization, helpfulness and the ability to cope with a lot of email. The term is two years.

The Treasurer records all donations and produces receipts, as well as producing monthly status reports and bank reconciliations. Doing this job requires knowing or being willing to learn QuickBooks. The term is two years.

The PTSO newsletter editors format and write announcements for the weekly newsletter, entering them into the system for publication. Editors look ahead in the calendar and contact staff for more information. They enter dates in the PTSO calendar and edit articles submitted by staff. The editors schedule themselves to take charge of a given week’s newsletter. The term is indefinite.