Please Pay It Forward: Volunteers Needed for SouthFest

SouthFest is Newton South’s after-prom event, and a special annual tradition for the senior class. Though you might not have a senior this year, you will soon. We need your help to continue this tradition of safety and fun, so please keep reading! You can think of this as “paying it forward” for the year when your son or daughter is a senior. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun post-prom experience for seniors with or without dates. SouthFest is funded entirely through donations, and staffed completely with parent volunteers.  The event takes place right after the prom, in the early morning hours of June 3, but much of the work is done ahead of time.

We are looking for help with decorations, food for the event, and clean-up afterwards, along with non-senior parent chaperones for the event itself. Details about all of these positions and sign-up forms, along with a donation link can be found at the SouthFest website at