Athlete of the Week — Andy Theall, Boys Outdoor Track

According to Coach Ted Norton, “Andy Theall, a junior pole vaulter, always desires  to accomplish new heights. Our team philosophy is that physical and mental preparation are necessary components for in-season competition, but having good track and field event fundamentals and perfect mechanics is an absolute for reaching one’s best performance goals. During the winter months, Andy trained independently at several pole-vault clinics and camps to foster the fundamentals and mechanics of this highly technical event. Andy has come into the season well prepared and he is off to a great start!

Andy has already placed 1st in our 2 DCL meets and has accomplished a qualifying spot for the State Divisional Track and Field Meet. Andy’s team captains have often used him as an example of how important pre-season event training is for the team’s success.  Andy is using all available resources that can help him become a better Newton South Track and Field Athlete.”  Congratulations Andy!