PSAT Announcement: Schedule is Different This Year

Dear Newton High School Communities,

We are writing to update you on PSAT tests for this fall.  You can find detailed registration information here.

As you may know, the College Board (a private company) is responsible for the creation of the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and the PSAT (Preliminary SAT). Until this year, these tests were administered on Saturdays. This year, however, the College Board is not offering the PSAT on Saturday, and instead is only offering the PSAT on Wednesday. The College Board has since announced that this is a one-year-only aberration, and that next year they will resume offering Saturday PSAT sessions.

For this fall, the PSAT will be offered at Newton North and Newton South on October 14 to interested sophomores and juniors (only) who are currently attending the Newton Public Schools. In order to accommodate the morning PSAT administration, the following changes to our schedule will occur:

  1. Sophomores and juniors taking the PSAT will report to school at the regular time. Please see the registration information for further instructions.
  1. Seniors will not report to school on October 14, and instead will have the day for after-high-school exploration (college, career, or other) off-campus, on their own. Students who need assistance with planning for appropriate activities for the day should consult with their guidance counselor or the college and career center.
  1. All freshmen, as well as sophomores and juniors who are not taking the test, will report for a late start, according to a forthcoming special schedule.

This change to our regular schedule will ensure a safe and orderly testing environment for all of our students.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Joel Stembridge
Principal, Newton South High School

Mark Aronson
Interim Principal, Newton North High School