Special Education Presentation Nov. 16 at 7:30PM

On November 16 at 7:30PM, Newton Parent Advisory Council for Special Education presents:

The Birds and the Bees: Age-Appropriate Sex and Relationships Education at home and at school

Lack of access to sexuality info puts all young people at risk, but even more so for young people with special needs.  It is often too little too late and with incorrect and incomplete information. This talk by Newton parent and sex and relationships educator Megara Bell will address the need for age-appropriate sex and relationships education for all learners.  Megara will discuss what your kids need to know and some good ways to bring up sensitive topics with your children.

All are welcome. Please join us at the Newton North Film Theatre, 457 Walnut Street, Newtonville. For more information, contact Chair of the Newton PAC, Eileen Sandberg at easandberg@aol.com.

Megara Bell is the director of Partners in Sex Education with 15 years of experience teaching comprehensive sex education to youth. Megara conducts professional development workshops on Teaching Sex Ed on the Autism Spectrum, and Making Sex Ed relevant to Special Education students.