“Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be” Book Discussion, Wednesday, Dec. 2, 7PM

College admissions has become an increasingly frenetic and pressured process. While our high schools in Newton have developed a college planning philosophy designed to support students and families, the energy, angst and resources devoted to the process can push some students and their families to the brink.

What should we do about a phenomenon that can feel out of control? Join Newton Superintendent of Schools, David Fleishman, and a panel of experts in the admissions process as they discuss key themes from Frank Bruni’s book, Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be.

The panelists will include:

  • Jennifer King, College Consultant and Retired Guidance Department Head, Newton South High School
  • Daniel Rubin, Guidance Department Head, Newton South High School
  • Beth Swederskas, Guidance Department Head, Newton North High School
  • Ronne Patrick Turner, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions – Northeastern University

You do not need to have read the book to attend the discussion. Feel free to visit the website for articles relevant to the discussion; http://www.newton.k12.ma.us/bookdiscussion2015.

December 2nd, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Newton South High School