December Application Reminders for Seniors

Senior Parents: The following memo was sent out to students through Naviance. If your child has added your email address to their Naviance account, you may have received this yesterday. If you did not receive this email yesterday, please review the items below with your child. Thank you!

Dear seniors and parents – 

Just a few items to keep in mind as we enter the final days of school prior to the December vacation.

1) If you applied to any schools Early Action, Early Decision, or Rolling Admission, please update your Naviance account with the results as you hear back from schools.

2) Please remember to share outcomes with your counselor and any teachers who have written letters of recommendation on your behalf. While it is certainly easier to share our successes and you may want to keep any disappointing news you have heard private, in either case, a hand-written “thank you” note to acknowledge the time and energy your teachers have invested in your application process goes a long way.

3) If you have been accepted Early Decision to a school, please remember to withdraw all of your other pending applications. To do so, you can send a letter, an email, or a fax to the admissions office at each school notifying them that you have been accepted under another school’s binding Early Decision program and you are withdrawing your application from consideration. This is not only an obligation under the Early Decision Agreement that you, your parent, and your counselor signed, but it is also a courtesy to your Newton South classmates and other applicants from around the country and the world.

4) Please remember that beginning on January 1st, students and families are allowed to begin filing the 2016-2017 FAFSA application. Remember that you must meet financial aid application deadlines (FAFSA, CSS/Profile, and/or Institutional Applications) in order to be considered for financial aid.

5) If you have any January 1st or 15th applications due and you have not yet turned in a transcript release form for those schools, you must do so ASAP.

Thank you, and best wishes for a restful vacation beginning next week!

Dan Rubin

Director of Guidance & Counseling