PSAT Score Report Update

Dear Parents/Guardians of Sophomores,

A number of sophomores took the PSAT exam in October and in early January students will be able to access scores electronically, via The College Board website. Students will be notified by email when scores are available (on or about January 7th). For your reference, I have attached a PSAT/NMSQT sample score report as well as an interpretive guide as helpful tools for understanding the scores. You can also get additional information from the College Board’s website at

As you likely know, the PSAT is a practice exam, and scores do not count towards college admissions, nor are they sent to any colleges. Please note that the PSAT score report refers to a “College and Career Readiness Benchmark” and it is possible that your son/daughter’s score may not reach the maximum level. Please do not worry about the benchmark since the PSAT is normed for juniors and this year’s scores serve as a data point for future testing opportunities. Sophomores can take the PSAT again in the fall of junior year and then may take the official SAT or ACT in the spring of their junior year.

This year’s new format for score dissemination is a significant change in process. Most significantly, school counselors will not receive copies of student score reports until after students receive theirs. We feel it is important for students to meet individually with their counselors, who will explain the score reports and have a meaningful conversation about future testing options. Therefore, we ask that students schedule meetings with their counselors soon after they get their scores. During these meetings students will receive their test booklets to refer back to when going through the score report.

The Newton South Guidance Department is committed to providing appropriate advice and personal support regarding college admission testing and eventual post-secondary planning. We hope to stand as a united front with parents/guardians to help students reduce unnecessary pressure related to the PSAT and other similar events and activities.

If you have any questions, please contact your son/daughter’s school counselor.


Dan Rubin/Kathleen Sabet

Director of Guidance & Counseling/College & Career Center Counselor

PSAT Sample Score Report

PSAT Score Report Case Study