Only 86,740 Minutes to SouthFest!

Can you tell we’re excited? YES! We are excited for SouthFest on June 7th!  We are also incredibly thankful to everyone one in the community who has stepped up to volunteer time and money to this fun event.  We can’t do it without your support.  

And now we are asking for a little bit more.  We know, we know, this feels like the 5,000th ask we’ve put in the newsletter.  And we know what you’re thinking.  What more could they possibly be asking for now?  We’re asking for you to drink tons of caffeine and stay awake with us!  In all seriousness, we still need volunteers to work the 1AM to 3PM shift. Perhaps you have a recent South alum who would be home, and awake anyway, and looking to give back to their old school?  We’d be thrilled to have them come and help out. Please consider signing up for the night owls shifts.  Click here for the handy-dandy sign-up website.