Parking Lot Construction Update

The installation of solar panels will resume on Monday, September 26, in the Wheeler parking lot.

During this next phase of construction, we are requesting:

  1. DO NOT drop students off in front of the Wheeler entrance.  The construction is centered in the Wheeler parking lot.  The normal flow in that lot will not be available (only one lane in and out), and so failure to follow this request will result in extremely long delays for parents trying to leave and staff trying to park in that lot.
  2. DO NOT use the Breezeway Lot for drop-off.  Our lot in front of the breezeway is posted as a bus unloading zone only during the morning.  Failure to follow this request would pose a safety threat and would be a driving violation.

My Advice:

Consider dropping students off a block or two away from school and have them walk to the school.  Dropping off at Brown/Oak Hill and walking on the path by the athletic fields may be the safest, fastest option for drop-off.  While this may not be an option for all families, the more folks that avoid Brandeis Road the better.