Athlete of the Week: Bhavik Nagda, Boys Cross Country

Boys Cross Country runner Bhavik Nagda is a senior (and varsity captain) who’s on target to accomplish great things for the 2016 Cross Country season. For the three DCL Cross Country meets held thus far, two on South’s Cold Spring Park home course and the other on Westford Academy’s challenging course, Bhavik has been a consistent valuable scorer and has placed in the top 5 in his races. Bhavik takes every Cross Country meet seriously. He uses his meditation skills to keep a calm, relaxed demeanor at the starting line. Calm before the storm? Bhavik Nagda’s race is exactly that. Bhavik speeds through the woods, swirling up tree branches and twigs and dirt beneath his sneakers, causing his opponents difficulty to see and the flood of tears from their eyes to drown their hopes of catching him. As Bhavik crosses the finish line, he takes a looks back to see the path that he created for his teammates to follow.