Forum on High School Start Time (Wednesday, October 19)

Attend the Forum on Later High School Start Time on Wednesday, October 19, to hear more information and share your thoughts. The Forum will be held at 7pm at Angier School (1697 Beacon Street).

  • Read the summary of the 6 possible scenarios here.
  • All scenarios would provide for a later start time at Newton South and North (20–80 minutes later, depending on scenario).
  • All scenarios would mean a later end time at Newton South and North, and some scenarios may require extending the school year.
  • Read Superintendent Fleishman’s letter, which recaps the process to date and announces the Community Forum.
  • Look at the presentation from the School Council–sponsored meetings that outlines the research on and benefits of starting high school later—including how increased opportunity for sleep impacts athletic injuries, drowsy driving, and academic performance.

These are scenarios only. The School Committee has not yet taken a vote. Now is the time in the process—after conducting research and surveys—that the School Committee and the Superintendent want to share more detailed info about each scenario and hear feedback from community members.

Can’t attend the forum? Email the HSST Working Group with your feedback on the scenarios.

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