Success at South is Coming Soon!

The PTSO is happy to announce that the Success at South campaign this year will raise money to make additional improvements to the library. A few years ago, the Success at South campaign contributed funds which dramatically improved the library’s look and facilities, including the installation of a built-in counter where students can charge and use their computers.  The library has over 2,000 student visits each day–more than the student body of South!  Our fantastic librarians play a key role in educating our students, and the library is well loved and used. The goal is to make the library both more comfortable and more conducive to quiet study.  This year, we hope to save money and paper by doing the Success at South campaign online rather than through a mailing to parents.  After the Thanksgiving holiday, we will officially kick off our fundraiser by introducing a website created by the South librarians and students to show the daily life of the library and to showcase their ideas for how to make it even better. Please look for the announcement and consider a donation to Success at South.