Success@South 2016-17 Campaign for the Newton South Library



Success@South 2016-2017 Campaign Goal: Raise $20,000 for the Newton South Library

For many Newton South students, the library is the heart of the school. It’s a comfortable and calm oasis in the midst of our bustling and lively high school. A place where kids can go to do many things—find a quiet place to read or study, work on a group project, play a board game, get help with a research project, or chat with friends. The library is such a popular place that it logs over 2,000 visits per day, more than the entire student body of South!

A few years ago, Success@South raised funds which dramatically enhanced the library space, including the installation of the ever popular technology counter where students can work on and charge their laptops and other devices. A visit at almost any time of day highlights that the library is well loved and heavily used, with students filling most every seat or walking around as they do research, seek help from the librarians, or simply relax and stretch. The library is an awesome place but the facilities are in need of updating in order to better serve the needs of our students. Our dedicated team of librarians and some enthusiastic students created this webpage to give you a glimpse of daily life in the library and to demonstrate their plans to make it a more functional and comfortable space. Please check it out!

Our goal for this year’s Success@South campaign is to enhance and improve the Library’s facilities in order to support its mission to be a warm and welcoming place where kids can learn, study and relax.  Success@South is an annual campaign to raise funds for a critical improvement project which is beyond the scope of the annual NPS budget.  The PTSO and Principal Joel Stembridge choose a project which promises to have a substantial, positive impact on student life at Newton South. Contributions to Success@South are tax deductible and may be eligible for matching funds from your employer. We thank for your support.


  • Free standing private study carrels to increase the available spaces in the quiet study area and remove the group tables which are less conducive to quiet study
  • Comfortable reading chairs to replace broken chairs and create more casual seating for students who are in search of a more relaxed environment
  • Computer tables to increase the number of computers available in the student accessible areas of the library
  • Display shelves to more effectively organize and showcase reading material

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