Parking Changes!

The parking lot construction has reached its conclusion, and we will soon return to normal.

Effective immediately:

1.  Student permit parking will be located in the parking lots off of Brandeis Road in the designated yellow lined spaces only.  The white lined spaces are reserved for faculty and visitor parking only; any student vehicle parked in white lined spaces will likely be towed.

2.  The diagonal spaces on the grass adjacent to the tennis courts are now off-line.  

Over the next few weeks:

1.  The additional on-street parking on Brandeis added for this project will be removed.  While this on-street parking has presented fewer problems than I anticipated, Brandeis is still barely wide enough in most areas to allow a row of parked cars in addition to two-way traffic.  While the fall weather has allowed us to make-do during the construction, the advent of winter snow requires that this parking be removed.

2.  The on-street parking on Brandies by the playing fields closer to Greenwood will remain, as these spots were in existence prior to the parking lot construction.

3. One strip of on-street parking on Brandeis closest to Parker Street will remain for now.  We think there is room on Brandeis for these particular spaces, 2 lanes of traffic, and snow – but we will be observing this area during our winter season to determine if there is indeed sufficient space.

Thank you for your patience during our construction, and for your attention to these changes over the next few weeks as we return to normal.