Suicide Prevention Training

I’m writing to share some important information about this year’s plans for suicide prevention training with our students.

For the last several years, we have provided suicide prevention training for every freshman and junior at our two high schools in the form of the Signs of Suicide (SOS) Curriculum and the Brief Screening for Adolescent Depression (BSAD).  This program has been used by thousands of schools over the past decade.  It has proven successful at helping students concerned about themselves or a friend. It is the only school-based suicide prevention curriculum listed by SAMSHA in its National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices that addresses suicide risk and depression.

This year 9th graders will receive the full SOS program in January in Health and Wellness classes, and 11th graders receive the “booster” portion of the SOS curriculum in March in English classes.

We will host one district-wide parent SOS preview and Q&A session with the wonderful practitioners at Riverside Trauma Center on January 5th, at 7 pm at Newton South High School in the lecture hall.

As always, if you have concerns or worries about your son or daughter, please contact their guidance counselor.
The Warning Signs and Symptoms of Depression and Suicidality from Riverside Trauma Center, as well as contact information and hotline numbers, is available here.

And again, thank you for being our partner in this very important effort!