Please Donate to Success@South!

Thanks to all the parents who have donated to Success@South so far.  We have raised close to $4,000, about 20% of our goal of $20,000.  The beneficiary of this year’s Success@South campaign is the Newton South library.  With over 2,000 visits per day, the library plays a critical role in student life as a center for learning, but also as a place to relax and take  a break from the sometimes hectic pace at school.  Kids go to the library throughout the day to study, work on group projects, play a game, read, or chat with friends.  With a lot of visitors comes a fair amount of noise as well as a lot of wear and tear.  The librarians have identified two major ways to improve the library experience for South students.  First, they would like to increase the number of private study carrels in the quiet study area so that more students can find a quiet place for individual study.  Second, they would  like to replace the outdated and worn seating in the reading areas so that the library is more comfortable and welcoming. To get a glimpse into daily life in the library and the proposed updates, click here.  To donate, please click here. Thank you!