Reminder: Junior Parent Night is Tomorrow, Jan. 18 at 7PM

Junior Parent Night takes place tomorrow evening,  Wednesday, January 18th, in the Newton South Field House at 7PM.  Parents will first hear from Principal Joel Stembridge, Guidance Director Dan Rubin, and College & Career Counselor Kathy Sabet, and will then break into smaller groups with their child’s guidance counselor.

Prior to Junior Parent Night, there will be a free presentation, “College Admissions Testing: SAT vs ACT” from 6 to 6:30PM in the auditorium.  The goals of the presentation are twofold: to minimize the anxiety that surrounds these tests, and to help students/families begin thinking about their own, unique testing plans. (Which test? When to take? How to prepare?) In this seminar, presented by the Summit Educational Group, we will also explain the role of standardized tests in the college admissions process, and the differences between the SAT and ACT to help students and parents better understand these tests’ design. Sample problems will be examined for the two tests to highlight the differences between them.