WISE Program Looking for Parent Volunteers

The WISE program gives qualified NSHS seniors an opportunity to spend term 4 working on a substantial academic project of their own design.  The program is looking for some parents to help in the following ways:

1. helping to find local internships for students (any internship sites would be great but specifically in nursing, architecture, law firms, advertising, and marketing)
2. contribute expertise toward student projects (some examples include: building projects, learning languages, photography, starting a business, etc.)
3. attending some final WISE presentations (15 minutes each) where students share their experiences and talk about what they have learned through the WISE program (end of May).
If you would like to speak to someone to learn more about helping with the WISE program, please email Jennifer Dolan or call her at 617-559-6533. For more information on the WISE program, click here.