AP Exam Registration will end March 17

1. Students must register with Total Registration, print two copies of their registration, keep one copy for their records and take the other copy to Mrs. Beth Astone in the Main Office between 2PM and 4PM. Monday through Friday. They also need to take a check made out to Newton South for the cost of the exams and with AP written on the memo line. Each exam is $95. Only one check is needed to pay for all exams.

2. Students must sign up for one of the pre-administration sessions listed on Total Registration. During the session they will fill in ID info on their answer sheets. The dates of the pre-administration sessions are: April 3, 5, and 27 in Cutler Commons during lunch.

During the pre-administration sessions, students will receive their AP number, which they will need when they want to see their scores in the summer. They need to keep the number in a safe place. If they lose it, I will not have a record of it.

3. Students who may want to take an exam for which we don’t offer the class should email me. We are not offering all exams. If we are giving an exam for which we don’t offer the class, students must pay for the cost of hiring a proctor.
Registration ends March 17, 2017. Exams must be paid for by March 24, 2017. If students do not pay for their exams on time, I will not order an exam for them.

5. Please contact Mary Ann Price if you have questions or concerns at MaryAnn_Price@newton.k12.ma.us.