Reminder: Support the Library with Success @ South!

The Success @ South Program is going strong! The Newton South Library is a busy place; on a typical day we have more than 2,000 visitors. The library serves many purposes: students may have a class meeting there; they may be doing research or homework during a free block; using one of our Chromebooks or printers to complete an assignment; or filming using our green screen. And of course, checking out books or to learning how to download e-books on their mobile device.

Your contributions will help the library meet all of your students’ needs. Our wish list includes:

  • Study carrels where students can focus in a quiet and private¬†space
  • Comfortable reading chairs to replace broken chairs and create more casual seating
  • Computer tables to increase the number of computers available
  • Display shelves¬†to more effectively organize and showcase reading material

Some possible options for new furniture:

Learn more about the Success@South Program here and click here to donate.