Seeking Host Families for International Students

Every year, as part of our efforts to encourage intercultural learning, we invite twenty international students to join us at Newton South.  This is our fourth year running this program, and we’ve hosted students from all over the globe.  This year, we have students from a variety of countries including Italy, Colombia, China, Brazil, Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, and Germany.  We’ve had a blast getting to know these students and they’ve added so much to our community.

I am writing to you because our wonderful south side families are an important part of this program.  Families who open their homes and hearts to these students make this intercultural learning experience possible.  Past families have told us how much they have gotten out of the experience.  Connections are made that last well beyond the duration of the visit.

We are already starting to think about Fall 2017.  We have wonderful families who have hosted in the past returning and we are looking for a few new families as well.  In our effort to attract great families, we are working with a company called Educatius International.

If you would like to learn more about being a host parent, you can contact Claudette Rowe from Educatius International at or 508-246-7028.  If you would like to know more about the visiting international student program at Newton South, you can contact me.

Please consider hosting an international student!  You’ll be supporting this great program and past host families will tell you what a wonderful experience hosting an international student can be for everybody involved.