Reminder: Volunteers Needed to Clean out Southfest Storage Area, Sat. April 8

The PTSO needs to clean out the Southfest storage area to meet the requirements of a recent building inspection. We have a lot of items in the storage space and must empty it completely in the next few weeks. We need help to carry the items out of the storage area so that we can sort and discard things. On Saturday, April 8, we have scheduled two hour shifts throughout the day, although it would be great to have as much help as possible in the morning to see if we can get it done early.  Please consider volunteering for a shift to help with this project. We are happy to have students help as well (eighth grade students and up only please–it’s a bit of a mess in the storage space!) We have not scheduled a project for Newton Serves this year, and would appreciate volunteer assistance with this project instead. Please click here to sign up for a shift. Thanks for your help!