Final Teacher Appreciation Breakfast: Wed., April 12


Thank you to the many who have already signed up.  There are still a few spots open, especially COFFEE  in Goldrick and Cutler and RUNNERS for Goodwin, Goldrick, and Cutler.  The time commitment is no more than ½ hour.  Thank you!

The final Teacher Appreciation Breakfast of the school year will be held on Wednesday, April 12th.   We realize this is during Passover but due to the snow days, the term got pushed back by a few days.   This is your chance to show appreciation to the staff and teachers of Newton South by dropping off food/drinks or volunteering to set up, clean up or serve as a runner for the breakfast.  

This event is a great way to meet staff and teachers and to give back to those who support and help our children.   

To donate or volunteer, just click on the links below to see which houses are still in need of food/drinks or assistance.   We separate by house for organizational purposes but remember that your children have teachers from every house so you can sign up for any house regardless of which house your child is in.  





Donations can be dropped off directly at Cutler, Wheeler, Goodwin or Goldrick houses between 7:15 and 8:15 AM on Wednesday, April 12th.   Runners and set-up volunteers should meet in the Main Office at 7:15 AM to receive their supplies and instructions.  Volunteers for clean-up are asked to be at the house kitchen at 2:00 pm. Please contact Laurie Utstein should you have any questions.  We thank you for your participation!