Looking for Panelists for One School, One Question on Sept. 29

We are hard at work planning for our One School, One Question day for Friday, Sept. 29th. The event this year is focused on the question, “How can I make a difference?” and WBUR and NPR reporter Asma Khalid will be our keynote speaker. We will have more specific details about the day coming soon, but we are having trouble finding speakers for the two panels listed below. If you know anyone who might fit the bill, let English department chair Brian Baron know at brian_baron@newton.k12.ma.us:

Psychology of Altruism — Are we hard-wired to want to help other people? Or do we only help other people because it makes us feel good? A panel of experts weighs in.

Making a Difference Through Word — Writers and storytellers share their work in order to help the rest of us make sense of the world. Does it work? A panel of writers who are trying to help people make sense of the confusing times we live in tell us why they do what they do and how they think it will help.