One-to-one Technology Pilot

Technology has become an integral part of the teaching and learning experience in Newton. This year, as part of the district’s ongoing commitment to increasing access and use of technology in our classrooms, we will be piloting a one-to-one program in each of our high schools. Through this pilot, we aim to learn more about how technology can further enhance the academic program in Newton, as well as how access to a personal device impacts a student’s learning experience.

After careful review and consideration, we have selected two classes in each high school to participate in this pilot program.  We are excited to provide this opportunity and look forward to learning from our experience.

All students in the selected classes will be assigned a personal laptop to use throughout the school day and to take home with them each night. Each student will be assigned either a MacBook Air (Apple) or a Chromebook (Hewlett Packard). Students will be able to utilize the computers throughout the school day and outside of school hours.

Our hope is that we learn how to best support a full one-to-one roll-out should the district choose to so in the near future.

Stay tuned!