Please Support the PTSO by Paying Dues

If your family has not yet paid PTSO dues this year, please consider doing so before the end of the calendar year. Each year,  we ask that families who are able contribute $60 to support the PTSO.  This year, we fell short of our fundraising goal for PTSO dues.  The dues provide the bulk of our income and we are hopeful that we can still meet our goal.  Most of the money which the PTSO raises through dues goes directly into the school in the form of grants to teachers for innovative projects, direct support to departments, program support, and discretionary money which is used to meet a wide variety of needs throughout the school.  A smaller portion of the dues income is used for staff and student appreciation events such as the recent hot chocolate and cookie event for students.  We also use a small amount of the dues for administrative costs like printing the directory and maintaining our website.

We provide a printed directory of South families as well as access to the online directory for families who contribute their dues as a thank you for your support.  However, the $60 contribution supports the work of the PTSO and is not simply a payment for the directory.  If you are not interested in receiving the directory, we still need your financial support!  To contribute your PTSO dues, please click here.  If you pay your dues and would like to receive a copy of the directory and online directory access, please email with your name, your child’s name and house.  We will distribute directories through the house offices in the middle of January.

Thank you for your support!