Newton South Local Scholarship Application Opens Jan. 1

The Newton South Local Scholarship Application will open on January 1st.  Included here is  a link to the actual application as well as a website we have created this year with FAQs , steps to receive scholarships, etc.  Please click here for the application link and here for the website.

The application requires students to log in through their Newton account and to complete information about their academic and extra-curricular information as well as their family’s financial information and their EFC from the FAFSA.  It’s ok if the FAFSA is not completed yet; applications can be edited after submission. Additionally, students will need to submit one recommendation from a non-Newton South person.  That form is also on the website.  Questions can be directed to  Keven Coster or Faye Cassell.  As the local scholarship Committee, we act as the point people between students and donors and can answer any questions students may have.

We encourage all students to apply!  Even though many scholarships are need-based, others are determined by potential major, the neighborhood the student lives in, and even what elementary school they attended!