NSHS Library Book Club Reads

The NSHS Library Book Club is in its fourth year and going strong thanks to some wonderful senior book club leaders (boy will we miss them next year!) We currently have 23 members signed up for our Schoology group and even more receiving email updates.  We read one book a month, selected by popular vote, and generously provided by the wonderful librarians at the Newton Free Library through interlibrary loan. Meetings are monthly during J-Block and casual book discussions led by book club leaders and always include heavy brownie consumption.


We’ve read 30 books so far, representing a broad array of genres from contemporary, realistic young adult fiction, to sci-fi and fantasy, to historical fiction. Our book club members are such enthusiastic readers that they volunteered to read two book club books over the summer, for a total of 776 pages, in addition to required school reading for One School One Question and various English and History summer reading assignments! To see what we’ve read so far, as well as other club details, check out the NSHS Library Book Club page on our site.