Update on Building Status (and Happy New Year!)

Greetings – may your 2018 be healthy and joyful!

What started in the morning as a major water leak due to a frozen, split coil in a heating unit became in the afternoon a short in an electrical box in the basement boiler room due to the water leak, prompting the fire alarm system to sound and forcing an evacuation into the cold weather around 1 pm.  Students were outside for 10-15 minutes while the fire department assessed the situation and determined that it was safe for students to reenter all other parts of the building except for the part with the boiler room (the 9000 building).  Eventually, this was cleared too, and students and teachers in 9000s were also allowed to return to their classroom prior to the end of the school day.  Students and staff responded promptly (if reluctantly) and the evacuation was very smooth.  In the end, it was painful, but hopefully there are no lasting effects from being outside in the cold.  In case you were wondering, had the fire department not been able to allow us to re-enter we would have moved all students to the middle schools and dismissed from there.

Later, during our after school activities, we were asked again to evacuate the building by the fire department so that the facilities folks could assess and repair the damage from the water leak – we were thankful that students and staff were allowed to stay in the field house rather than outside in the cold.  We also had a pipe burst in the second floor of the 3000s after school, and our custodial crew is at work cleaning that up too.  It’s been an eventful day!

In the unlikely event that we do not have school tomorrow, we will contact you by phone and email by 5:30 AM.

On a positive note: earlier in the day, the senior class officers shared the completed NSHS Lip Dub with the class of 2018 during advisory.  In my opinion, it looks amazing!  Terrific work by the production crew (all NSHS students) and Lip Dub team!  Next Tuesday, we will share the video with the class of 2019 during advisory, after which time we will make the video available for all to see.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.