Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Another interesting day: 2 more bursting pipes, one evacuation (at 1 pm for about 10 minutes – thankfully the outside temperature was warmer than yesterday), and then sprinkler system testing during J block.

The challenge with a California style school building (actually several buildings, low and spread out, with connectors) is that certain spaces are very challenging to maintain sufficient heat to not freeze the pipes in the ceiling that service the overhead sprinkler system.  With the extreme cold of this coming weekend, I would not be surprised to experience another pipe burst next week when the building warms up, which will result in another evacuation.  Students should plan their attire for next week accordingly.

I want to specifically thank our wonderful custodial team – all three shifts – for being so quick to problem solve and mitigate water damage.  They have been awesome, and are deserving of our praise and admiration!