Science Department Seeking Furniture/Material Donations for a “Maker Space” for Students

The Science Department is in the process of trying to convert an underutilized area into a “maker-space,” available to many of our science classes and related student activities.  Our most immediate need is for one or more full height storage cabinets that can by locked.  Material and current condition do not matter – wood, metal, or heavy plastic is fine.  A piece without a lock to which I could attach a hasp and a padlock would be fine.  I am taking the lead on this project and I have a pick-up truck, so I can arrange transport.  Any other relevant materials that you may wish to donate are also much appreciated, including work stools, fire-compliant chairs or small sofa, hand or small power tools of any type.  If you have these or other possible items that might help us actualize this project, we would be most appreciative.  I can be reached via e-mail at: