Success@South 2017-18: Campaign for the Fine and Performing Arts


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Success@South 2017-2018 Campaign Goal:  Raise $20,000 for the Newton South Fine and Performing Arts Program

The goal of the annual Success@South Campaign is to raise funds for a project which will have a direct, substantial impact on the student experience at South. Over the past few years, the parent community has raised funds to rejuvenate the library, build a STEAM lab for the DaVinci program, and revitalize the College and Career Center. This year we would like to provide some much needed support to our fine and performing arts programs.

Over 1500 students take part each year in one of many dynamic classes and programs offered by the Fine and Performing Arts Department. A glance through the program of studies showcases an array of wonderful opportunities–photography, painting, glass techniques, ceramics, acting and directing, technical theater, music production, jazz ensemble, ukulele, bucket drumming, and many, many more.  We are fortunate to have twelve teachers and a technical director who devote themselves to opening new avenues for creativity, curiosity and community to our kids through this amazing array of art offerings. In this video, More From Our Kids, you can hear firsthand from South students about the vital role of the arts in their education.

However, the capacity of the arts program at South to provide a first-rate learning experience is hampered by a lack of equipment and materials as well as an overreliance on outdated equipment.  The growth of the student body at South has outpaced the resources of our arts program.  The NPS Budget allocates only $7 per student for art each year. By providing more and better equipment and materials through our fundraising efforts, the Fine and Performing Arts Department will be able to increase the number of students who can participate in arts programming. The department will also be able to significantly enhance the experience of students who will spend more time doing art and less time waiting to use limited or poorly functioning equipment.

Arts education is a critical component of the learning experience for our children. By participating in art programs, our children learn valuable lessons in creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. In addition, the arts provide many students with a place to build their confidence and to let loose and have fun. For more information on the financial constraints and needs facing our arts programs, click on Success @ South/See and Be Seen. Please help to support our exceptionally important arts program by making a contribution to Success@South. Contributions to Success@South are tax deductible and may be eligible for matching funds from your employer. Please click here to donate. We thank you for your support.


  • Digital and Video Cameras
  • Musical Instruments
  • Ceramic Wheels
  • Secure Storage Areas for String Instruments
  • Appropriate Speaker for the Band Room
  • Printer and Ink for the Fine and Performing Arts Computer Lab
  • Display Cases and Boards to Showcase Student Art