South Stage’s performance of Cabaret will go ahead tonight (and Friday and Saturday) at 7:30PM in the Seasholes Auditorium.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke.

Cabaret presents the cautionary tale of people who, while not directly contributing to the Nazi party, contributed to making a hospitable environment for the virus of fascism. Set against the debaucherous backdrop of Weimar Berlin, Cabaret asks the essential question of “What happens when good people do nothing to stop evil?” Bright lights and glamorous parties quickly descend into political turmoil, and characters soon discover that being complacent is just as bad as being complicit in the rise of hatred. Tickets are $15 for reserved seating, $10 for general admission, and can be purchased online at PG for language and mature themes.

Be sure to arrive early to browse South Stage’s Silent Auction. Click here for a preview of the fabulous items donated by local businesses and families!